Trainings in Sierpc–implementation of the Pilot Action in YouInHerit project

The second edition of trainings related to the implementation of the Pilot Action within the YouInHerit project, entitled Practical aspects of traditional beer brewing. Interpersonal skills. Public Speeches, took place in Sierpc on 25-26th April 2018. They were attended by representatives of local institutions: the mayor of Sierpc Jarosław Perzyński, employees of the City Hall in Sierpc, the County Office in Sierpc, representatives of the Voivodship Labour Office of the Branch Office in Płock, The Municipal Public Library named after Zofia Nałkowska in Sierpc, The Department of Documentation of the history of Sierpc, The Museum of the Mazovian Countryside in Sierpc, students and teachers of the Complex of Schools of The Agricultural Training Centre in Studzieniec and employees of The Mazovian Office for Regional Planning in Warsaw and of the Regional Branches.

The aim of the trainings is to improve the cooperation between territorial government units and labour offices and to increase the competence of the staff of local institutions in the field of cultural heritage knowledge, in order to effectively involve young people in the search for new solutions beneficial for their local communities.

During the meeting a presentation of the assumptions, objectives and pilot action of YouInHerit project was made, followed by workshops conducted by Kontekst HR Polska Sp. z o.o., during which participants, learning the rules of public speaking, improved their interpersonal skills during practical exercises in self-presentation.

On the second day of the meeting, traditional brewing workshops were held by members of the Polish Home Brewers Association – experts in traditional brewing. The practical part was supplemented by lectures on the history of brewing and the brewing process.

The workshops were highly evaluated and the participants expressed their willingness to participate in the next edition of the trainings in May.