Local Branches

Specializations of branch offices of Mazovia Office of Regional Planning.

Branch office in Ciechanów

  • Environmental issues including:
  • Environmental protection
  • Ecological corridors and the green belt around Warsaw
  • National parks, reserves and landscape parks
  • Protection of forest areas

Branch office in Ostrołęka

  • Agricultural issues including:
  • Rural and peri-urban areas
  • Agricultural production

Branch office in Płock

  • Cultural and national heritage
  • Interregional cooperation
  • Population-related issues including:
  • The labor market
  • Social infrastructure

Branch office in Radom

  • Technical infrastructure issues including:
  • The transport system
  • The water and sewage system

Branch office in Siedlce

  • Urban development issues including:
  • The power and energy sector
  • City network
  • Tourism and settlements