METREX – Metropolitan Regions Network

The METREX (Metropolitan Regions Network) organization, in operation since 2005, is a network of approx. 40 European regions and metropolitan areas, where key decision-makers can jointly share knowledge, experience and expertise in European metropolitan affairs.

The goal of the organization is to address the challenge of territorial cohesion in Europe and promote polycentric relationships (linkages) at the metropolitan level, aimed at creating a framework for a polycentric Europe and taking action in this direction.

The Mazovian Regional Planning Office has participated in three projects within the METREX organization:

InterMERTEX – a program studying similarities and differences in the organization of governance and spatial planning in European metropolises,
PolyMETREX – RINA North – South Inerface, where the possibilities of cooperation between metropolises of the eastern wall of the EU were studied,

PolyMETREX – RINA Metropolitan Spatial Vision for Central Europe, which aimed to develop a concept for cooperation between the regions of Central and Eastern Europe and create a counterweight to the Pentagon.