Finance and Accounting Unit

The Finance and Accounting Unit is responsible for day-to-day transactional accounting and ensuring timely payments of accounts by the Mazovian Office.

The Unit carries out a preliminary verification of economic and financial operations in terms of compliance with account plans. Documents are also verified in terms of completeness, trustworthiness and validity of documents before they are submitted for approval to the Office Director.

The Unit’s employees prepare numerous monthly, quarterly and annual reports regarding the Office budget, as well as reports on projects co-financed from EU funds.

Organizational and Administrative Unit

The Organizational and Administrative Unit is supervised by the Office Deputy Director for Logistics. Its main task is to provide organizational and administrative services for the entire Office. The tasks carried out by the unit include:

property management and upkeep, maintaining the Office archives, maintaining a storage of office supplies, supervising IT equipment, databases and the Office webpage,managing the IT network,planning and managing public contracts,purchasing materials, assets and services,securing transport needs,providing front office service,ensuring safety and hygiene at work,providing service for employees’ foreign business trips;providing service for projects being implemented by the Officeworking in the field of public relations.

Publishing Unit

The Publishing Unit is responsible for:

acquiring texts for publication, preparing texts for publication, managing the editorial process, graphic design, proofreading, typesetting and preparing materials for print, preparing public relations materials.

The Publishing Unit prints: large-format maps, mapping studies, promotional materials designed by the Unit (bookmarks, flyers, folders, calendars, business cards, banners, etc.) and the monograph series “MAZOWSZE. Analizy i Studia” (Mazovia: Analyses and studies).

The Publishing Unit coordinates the publication process of a local scientific periodical „MAZOWSZE Studia Regionalne” (Mazovia: Regional Studies).

Spatial Planning Unit

The main tasks of the Spatial Planning Unit belong to the category of managing spatial development. They include preparing the Spatial Development Plan for the Mazovian Voivodship and the Spatial Development Plan for the Warsaw Metropolitan Area. The two basic documents that define the conditions, goals and directions of spatial development of the region and the Warsaw Metropolitan Area.

The Spatial Planning Unit is also responsible for: monitoring the implementation of the regional spatial development plan and evaluating its validity, preparing studies and analyses in the field of spatial planning as well as preparing opinions, agreements and decisions concerning investments and local spatial planning documents defined by national law.

The Spatial Planning Unit has participated in several European projects: QULAIR (ARC), Nodus (URBACT II), Intra Policentricity (Metrex) and cooperates with foreign spatial planning institutions.

Participation in Projects:


Airport Regions Conference (ARC is an association of European regional and local authorities with an international airport situated within or near their territories)


D-Air– low – carbon airport areas (under Interreg IV C),QLAIR (ARC), Civitas.Net (URBACT),NODUS (URBACT II),Intra Policentricity (Metrex)Rail Baltica Growth Corridor – Baltic Rail – Growth Corridor (within the Baltic Sea Region Programme 2007-2013)

About office

The Mazovian Office for Regional Planning was established by resolution No X/37/99, adopted by the Mazovian Voivodship Regional Council on the 17th May 1999.

The office was set up after the administrative reform of Poland in 1999 by merging five spatial planning offices from the former regional capitals.Currently the organizational structure of the Mazovian Office for Regional Planning incorporates the Warsaw Office and 5 local branches in Ciechanów, Ostrołęka, Płock, Radom and Siedlce.

The statutory activity of the Mazovian Office for Regional Planning is fulfilling tasks set by the Mazovian Regional Government in the field of regional politics and land-use planning which include:

elaborating and updating The Spatial Development Plan of the Mazovian Voivodship – a regional planning framework which specifies the intended use, zoning and land development, as well as the distribution of public purpose investments,elaborating and updating The Regional Development Strategy of the Mazovian Voivodship,elaborating The Spatial Development Plan for the Warsaw Metropolitan Area,conducting studies, preparing analyses and reports in the field of regional development and spatial planning,elaborating and implementing projects financed by the European Union,evaluating applications under the Regional Operational Program,monitoring and maintaining a spatial development database and cooperating, in reference to the Mazovian Spatial Information System, with the Geodesy and Cartography Department of The Mazovian Voivodship Marshal’s Office,participating in working out regional development projects,evaluating government programs, directed to accomplish regional public objectives,publishing a scientific journal – “MAZOWSZE Studia Regionalne” (MAZOVIA Regional Studies),evaluating the key municipal documents in the field of spatial planning,preparing reports for the Regional Government,supporting the regional Committee of Urban Planning and Architecture, professional associations, and local authorities in field of regional development.