ARC – Airport Regions Conference

Airport Regions Conference (ARC) – the main objective of this organization is to influence European air transport policy and activate regional and local authorities in this process. This organization was founded in 1999.Its members are primarily regions with the largest airports in Europe, viz: Vienna, Flanders, A.V.A.R., Tallinn, Vantaa, Ile de France, Bavaria, Frankfurt/Rhine, North Westphalia, East Attica, Lombardy, Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Haarlemmermeer, `Sør-Gardermoen, Arad, Mures, Barcelona, Catalonia, Municipality of El Prat, Mallorca, Canary Islands, Gothenburg Region, Stockholm Malar, Zürich, Hounslow, Surrey, Renfrewshire, West Sussex.

ARC’s activities focus on organizing meetings and seminars, creating studies and projects, and conducting research and analysis on aviation topics and regional development. Membership in the ARC is based on substantive cooperation, involving the exchange of experience, information, organizing training, supporting regional planning and strategic programming. In practice, participation in the ARC provides an opportunity to share experience in the field of air transport and regional development and to provide contacts with individuals and institutions interested in cooperation in this area.

The Mazowieckie Voivodeship has participated in the ARC since 2006.