Notebook 1(57)/2020 Concept of strategic activities

Concept of strategic actions for low-impact accessibility of Warsaw/Modlin Airport

The LAirA (Landside Airports Accessibility) project focuses on the challenges of ensuring multimodal land accessibility of Central European airports so that they are part of an integrated, intelligent and low-carbon transportation system. The goal of the project is to reduce the energy intensity of airports and their facilities, as well as the negative environmental impacts resulting from their operation.
This is to be achieved, among other things, by changing the transportation behavior of airport employees and passengers resulting from actions identified in innovative strategies aimed at public entities for low-carbon mobility planning. The LAirA project includes seven main thematic areas: electric mobility, rail connections to airports, walking and cycling, shared mobility, intelligent transportation systems, wayfinding and public road transport. One of the project’s components is the development of a concept for strategic action on low-carbon land accessibility at Warsaw/Modlin Airport.

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