Information and communication in airport mitigation policies

Informacja i komunikacja społeczna w polityce łagodzenia negatywnych skutków funkcjonowania portów lotniczych

The publication, issued within the framework of the Qlair project, aims to provide a preliminary analysis of the issue of how the managers of selected airports and the communities living in their surroundings address the flow of information related to environmental quality, aviation noise and air pollution.

Qlair (Quality of Life in Airport Regions) is a project initiated by nine regions of the European Union, affiliated with the Association of Airport Regions Conference (ARC), which aims to set European standards for dealing with the varying social costs of airport operations and development. In October 2008, under the auspices of QLAIR, research was initiated on the following topics: public information and communication, airport ground noise in nuisance abatement policies, the impact of air traffic management on land use planning, and innovative approaches to compensation. The research was carried out until December 2009, and the results are published in Poland by the Mazovian Regional Planning Office in Warsaw since September 2011.

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