Change in the provisions of the Anti-smog Resolution for Mazovia

Clean air in Mazovia is our common goal, the achievement of which will undoubtedly be accelerated by the amendment of the provisions of the current anti-smog resolution adopted by the Mazovian Regional Parliament. The amendment introduces a ban on burning coal in Warsaw starting in October 2023. In turn, at the beginning of 2028, the provision will also come into force in the counties of the suburban “ring road”.

What will change?

The most important changes relate primarily to:

  • The resolution’s introduction of a ban on hard coal and solid fuels produced using it:
  1. as of October 1, 2023, within the administrative boundaries of the city of Warsaw;
  2. As of January 1, 2028, within the administrative boundaries of municipalities comprising the districts of Grodzisk, Legionowo, Minsk, Novodworski, Piaseczynski, Pruszkowski, Otwock, Warsaw West and Wołomin.
  • Introduce a ban on the operation of solid fuel (including biomass) boilers in newly constructed buildings for which an application for a building permit or notification was submitted after January 1, 2023, if there is a technical possibility of connecting the building to a district heating network, which is located in the area directly adjacent to the investor’s plot on which the installation is located.
  • Introduce exemptions in the resolution for coal-fired boilers operated within the boundaries of counties located in the NUTS2 area – Warsaw Capital Region – coal-fired boilers installed before June 1, 2022 will be allowed to operate until the end of their useful life.
  • Leave the possibility of using class 5 coal boilers until the end of their life.

All additional information on the current anti-smog resolution and its amendments can be found on the Mazovia website under the “Anti-smog Resolution” tab.